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Thanks for visiting Little Imposters
- fabulous costumes for kids to keep.

We know you’re busy, so we’ll make it as quick as possible...we make great, affordable costumes for kids 2-12 years. Mostly to buy, not rent. $18 - $65 (Australian Dollars).

Because Little Imposters come to you direct, prices are low and quality high. Dress-ups don’t date, don’t need supervision and (best of all)....their batteries don’t run out!

But they gotta be tough....withstand heaps of punishment because kids love to wear them (everywhere), so we’ve combined toughness with glamour, fantasy with washability and ended up with a product everybody loves.

Hang on...There’s a bit more stuff you should know...

Sizings are generous, straps are adjustable, kids can get into Little Imposters costumes easily by themselves. Fastenings are velcro and generous (no hit and miss here). Everything is washable, mostly by machine. Made in Queensland, Australia, natural fibres are important for durability and coolness.

So if you’re looking for “cool” that’s us. Kids love us. We hope you will too.